Toyota Previews 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon Lineup


Toyota has unveiled part of its 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon lineup. Subsequent catastrophes were canceled due to a spike in COVID-19, but the cars were ready and waiting.

The bright yellow GR Supra highlights this first batch, which shows some new performance bits from Gaju Racing. It is fitted with stained weed on the front and back. In particular, they stiffen the unibody like a traditional strut tower brace, but they get wet to absorb some of the gorging forces that make the ride harder. Toyota says they help increase the smoothness of the steering feel and smooth out road imperfections. Supra will also wear the new exhaust system, which, at 3,300, will not be cheap. It comes with black chrome tips and a valve that amplifies the sound near the exit.

However, we do know that the true spirit of Toyota’s performance is the GR Yaris, the company’s 268-horsepower hot hatch not sold in the US. It also has racing stripes, and we all know that stripes are equal speed, right? If it turns out that it is already more of a firecracker than the stock GR Yaris, we will be very sad.

The other end of the Yaris spectrum is named the Yaris Cross Advance Robust Style. In other words, this is the gossiped-up version of the Yaris Cross that was released earlier this year for Japan and Europe. The Yaris Cross feels perfect, a long compact hatchback with faux off-road design elements like black cladding on the wheel arches. These revised versions have no performance benefits; They have the potential to transform into a robot and attack you.

Finally, Toyota’s second generation hydrogen fuel cell sedan is the Snazier Mirai Modelista. Compared to the previous model the new Mirai is already stunning, but Toyota has set up a beautiful front spoiler and slim side skirts for the Lexus-SQ feel. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, FCV impresses with its straightforward tough-guy style.

Although not as c abusive as Daihats’ Tokyo auto salon lineup, it is only a small sample of Toyota’s plans. Toyota usually has a lot more on the show floor, but as this year’s event is virtual, it will have to be tuned in on January 15th to see more.

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