Jim Glickenhaus challenges Elon Musk to compete in the Baja 1000


Jim Glickenhaus has challenged Elon Musk to race in the 2023 edition of the Baja 1000. Posted on social media, the dual invitation is to prove the qualifications of hydrogen-electric technology.

“You said that ‘hydrogen technology’ is mind-bogglingly stupid. You also mentioned that the Baja 1000 is a great test for your cybertruck. We say bring it,” Scuderia Cameron wrote on Glykenhaus Instagram.

Tesla Boss Musk made the comments mentioned by Glickenhaus in 2019. He called fuel cells “fool cells”, saying technology was “the worst burden” and that “success is simply not possible”. Musk became one of the richest men in the world by selling battery electric cars, so his attitude about hydrogen is not entirely surprising.

Among manufacturers such as Toyota, BMW, Hyundai and Inios, Glycinehas stands on the hydrogen positive side of the industry. Although his company mainly builds gasoline-powered race cars, he predicted that the hydrogen-electric variant of the boot would be able to complete 1,000-miles without stopping refueling, giving the team a big time advantage over rivals. In comparison, the top-of-the-line cybertruck is alleged to offer a range of 500-plus-miles, so it must be stopped and charged at least once to complete the race.

“We have a good relationship [sanctioning body] Score International, and we & # 39; re glad to help you find a better place to set up charging stations for your cybertruck, “added SCG.

Musk did not respond. If he accepts the challenge, the Baja 1000 will be the first major race in which Tesla will participate. Regardless of Tesla’s answer, it looks like hydrogen-powered boots will compete in 2023.

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