Ford crossover leaks like new wagon in social media spy photos

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A prototype that looks like a Ford Fusion crossover cart has been leaked via Instagram. The Fusion is sold exclusively in the United States as a sedan and is offered overseas in other variants, where it is called the Mondio. Rumors have it that the nameplate may be back on a mid-size crossover / wagon (like the Buick Regal TourX or Subaru Outback) and it may be now.

“Be careful because the photos you will see below are the first in the future Ford Mondeo, which will stand out as a traditional saloon and become a mix of crossover and family cars,” ac Cochespias (translation approx.) Added in the post.

It was photographed in what looks like a service beg, so it is difficult to get a handle on the size or proportions of the prototype. The front end says “edge” to our eyes, but the hatch’s dramatic tape looks more like a cart than Ford’s current medium-sized crossover.

As you scroll through the images in the post, things become more interesting, which almost steals the full-width screen display. As Ford is currently in the process of migrating towards the large, vertical screen design that first started with the Mac-E electric crossover, this seems like a very significant departure from the current design trends of the go-wide strategy company. This indicates that we are looking at a hand-built concept car rather than an indicator of the final product vehicle. The beautiful blue dash trim gives some more credibility to this theory.

2020 Fusion sedan production completed. This is Ford’s last practical model, sold here with a trunk, and since the company announced that it was bailing out the sedan market, there have been ulation rumors that it will be replaced by an “active” model, suggesting that Ford will lift it, with vaguely harsh variants of its family hackers. Such a branch of compact focus already exists, and Ford is bringing it to the state before tariff enforcement makes it cost-prohibiting those plans.

What we see here is a far cry from the prototypes that were discovered a year ago, the early mounds operating under Ford Focus Bodies. There was a previous generation Ford Escape with a mule, which gave it some context. While the overall roof for the crossover is still very low, the long wheelbase of the Fusion Wagon boasts to go with its exaggerated ride height. It’s even more so,

The F-Kill Fusion Active can kill two birds for Ford, both carrying the Fusion nameplate and providing a futuristic-friendly alternative to the Flex, which was able to live longer than the initial sales figures suggested. As an added bonus, it should offer more versatility than the Medium Edge, which offers a slightly more inverted look than the redesigned (but slightly smaller) Escape.

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