Floyd Mayweather’s Million Dollar Car Collection

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Besides boxing, Floyd Mayweather is also known for his million-dollar car collection- LA car collection and Vegas car collection. The Boxer Floyd Mayweather has made over $400 million in his influential boxing career, out of which almost $ 10 million is spent on cars. This makes him a proud collector of the most expensive cars.

Floyd Mayweather, born in 1977, is an American professional boxing promoter and former professional boxer. The boxer is known for his technical prowess- speed and power. These qualities make Floyd one of the greatest boxers of time, and he has a world record of 50 wins and 0 losses. At 29, he won his first title.

Reports say that the American boxer has more than 100 cars. However, an exact figure of how many cars he owns is still not known. The car collection is divided into two by him- LA cars and Vegas cars. These cars are parked at the dwellings of Floyd in these states.
The car collection of both dwellings features the same cars, but one collection has the black color of the car, and the other has the white color of the car. In the news, Floyd Mayweather loves driving black cars in LA and drives white in Las Vegas. It seems like the American boxer is impressed by a saying of Micheal Jackson,” it does not even matter if you are black or white.” Similarly, the fighter is not bothered about the color, as long as the vehicle is expensive, luxurious, and royal.

In the Las Vegas collection, the famous American boxer owns a series of Rolls-Royces worth around £3 million. In addition, 4 Bugatti Veyron are also a part of the collection-worth £1.7 million each. Lamborghini Aventador (£275,000) and a Ferrari 488- worth around £238,000-are also on the list. 5 Rolls-Royces are also counted in Mayweather’s Beverly Hills’ garage, in total worth over £3 million.
The latest recent addition to Floyd Mayweather’s LA collection is a Mercedes G63 AMG, costing the former light middleweight a mere £155,000. He loves cars as much as he loves boxing. So, he is fond of having them in his garage.

Floyd Mayweather, on and off, shares pictures and videos of his LA and Vegas car collection on his social media accounts. In one of his recent Instagram and P-interest posts, the boxer shared an image of his luxury cars parked in front of his private jet. The fans of Floyd Mayweather say that it was an impressive range, which lets us know that Floyd was not only a champion in the boxing league but also the king of owing the best car collection till now. His followers look forward to each addition to his car collection.

The love for cars can be witnessed from this extravagant car collection. This is true; not an ordinary man can even think about owning these four beauties. It seems like the boxer earned fame, wealth, or luxury and owned a great car collection that is beyond imagination.

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