Daimler trucks were fined $ 30 million for slow recalls


WASHINGTON – Daimler trucks could face fines of up to $ 30 million and other costs if they fail to recall vehicles quickly.

Among the fines announced Thursday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Daimler failed to comply with other reporting requirements. Of those, $ 10 million in advance fines, another $ 5 million would have to be spent by automakers on safety improvements, and the deferred $ 15 million fine, which may not have to be paid.

The order came from several recalls between 2017 and 2018, including 464,000 vehicles. Daimler said there were no so-called “voluntary recalls” of accidents or injuries.

For a two- to three-year compliance order, Daimler needs to improve its ability to detect and investigate potential safety deficiencies in its vehicles. The organization should improve the collection of security information from its businesses and accurately report the information to regulators at the NHTSA. It requires Daimler‌ to develop written procedures and training for employees working on recalls and reporting needs.

“We appreciate the opportunity to address this issue briefly and continue to build safe, efficient and reliable commercial vehicles,” Daimler Trucks said in a statement prepared Thursday.

Daimler TruckS agreed to meet with NHTSA on a monthly basis at least as part of the settlement.

“It is critical for manufacturers to adequately recognize the need for their security recall responsibilities and to provide timely and confidential information to the agency about all security issues,” said NHTSA Deputy Administrator James Owens.

In December 2019, Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz USA unit agreed to pay a $ 20 million civil penalty for handling U.S. vehicle recalls.

This report uses material from Reuters.

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