2022 Ford Fusion Crossover-Style Wagon Gooied with Full-Dash Interior Screen


In an attempt to spice up this absurd bizarre world timeline, new spy shots of a mysterious long-roof prototype suggest that Ford is preparing a five-door mid-size wagon / SUV to collide with the Subaru Outback. Remember, this is the same Ford that abolished all traditional sedans and hatches in favor of a lineup populated only by trucks, crossovers and full-size SUVs (and Mustangs).


Although there is no clear Ford badge on the outside of the mule, the front fascia is similar to that seen on the current Ford Edge‌ and the blackened oval badge in the middle is a dead gift. In addition, we heard rumors of a CUV-style wagon on the horizon soon after the original Fusion died.

We do not know the exact origin of these images, but we do know that they first appeared on Chinese websites and have since been filtered through various Instagram accounts, where we can see the hard rear and dashboard in the front and back corner of the wagon. . According to rumors and reports, the new five-door will enter overseas as the Mondio, replacing the beloved departed (well, at least departed) Fusion, the US version of the Mondio.

While still not worth the lucrative sedan segment shot, if you’ve wondered why Ford thinks of the station wagon as a sales ticket, do not think of it as a traditional wagon La Mercedes – Benz I ‘-class state or Volvo Vsvoi like the one mentioned above. Close in profile and ethos. Expect it to be bigger, taller, taller and a section on the recently discontinued Volkswagen Golf Ultrac.

Outside of the usual proportions, we do not collect much of what the finalized design will look like, but the single shot inside reveals an amazing infotainment display that runs the entire width of the dash. We can not say whether it is a broken screen or multiple screens cleverly integrated into one frame, but it appears to be one of the largest overall display areas we have ever seen in a production vehicle.

Again, the details are minimal, but buyers should expect a mix of turbocharged four-cylinder, turbocharged V-6, hybrid and electric drivetrain. All-wheel drive is standard, and we’ll see the production version of Fusion Active or whatever it launches anytime in 2021.

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